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There’s no denying that Elizabeth I was an iconic monarch who had an incredibly successful reign, but just who was she and which of the rumours and myths that surround her are true? You can read my thoughts on Elizabeth I myths in my free 8 page report – “The Myths Surrounding Queen Elizabeth I”.

Myths Surrounding Queen Elizabeth IIn “The Myths Surrounding Queen Elizabeth I”, I look at subjects like

  • Elizabeth’s illegitimacy
  • Elizabeth and Anne Boleyn
  • Was Elizabeth a Virgin?
  • Did she love Robert Dudley?
  • Elizabeth’s vanity
  • Elizabeth’s temper
  • Elizabeth’s phobias
  • and much more!

I draw on the thoughts, theories and opinions of eminent historians, and my own opinions, to answer these questions, to debunk myths and give facts about Queen Elizabeth I. I also provide a helpful booklist.

I hope you enjoy this free report and browsing The Elizabeth Files.

68 Responses to “Free Report”

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Amna,
    I’ve just sent it to your email address.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Claire says:

    Edward was Henry’s first surviving son and, yes, Henry and Catherine did have a son, Henry Duke of Cornwall, who lived for 52 days.

  3. Kellie says:

    To Michael H. Curry:

    You are mean. Sure, Elizabeth 1 did some things with questions, BUT GIVE HER SOME RESPECT! All of the stuff she did that was great outnumbers the not-so great; so don’t diss one of the greatest queens of all time.

  4. Carol says:

    referring to above message.
    That reader should know that it was probably very difficult to be a woman in power
    and only men in court.

    Also who doesn’t make mistakes, when you have to rely on others at that time
    for their good judgement, etc.

  5. Carol says:

    One I didn’t like then and still today.
    The men screw around with these women, its Okay.
    and they are called whores.

    The children didn’t ask to be born and they care called bastards.

    I feel its terrible to name children bastards because of what their parents did.


    Its awful that whores still exist today.
    What an awful name.

  6. Salena says:

    Thank you for the free report I’m looking forward to reading it.

  7. Lori F. says:

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks bunches for the report on Queen Elizabeth. It will be a lovely and interesting read and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending it to me.

    I love your blog and the various emails that I am sent. You are a gifted scholar and those of us who are too far away to do our own research in England very much appreciate your attention to detail and the willingness to share it.

    Keep up the great job! I’m looking forward to seeing what you so next

    Best wishes from California,

  8. Linda says:

    Would you kindly send me a copy of the Elizabeth I. I am extremely interested in the Tudors-love your web sites!

  9. Gail Huneycutt says:


    How thoughtful of you to send me the report! I look forward to reading it! It is wonderful to know that others share a love of history like I do! Keep doing what you are doing I enjoy reading the pieces you write. Thank you again for taking the time to think of me.


  10. hailey ryals says:

    Dear Claire,

    Thank you for emailing me. If you are intrested in a co-owner, I would be happy to apply. I myself have an interest in bloody Mary and know Mitchell about her. If you are interested then you can email me back.
    Thank you,
    Hailey Ryals

  11. hailey ryals says:

    So sorry, my phone autocorrected. I meant much,not Mitchel

  12. sharon says:

    fantastic site i read it when i can… i am a subscriber of this site and ann boleyn site is there one on Bess of Hardwick very interesting lady.. visited hardwick hall twice and still wanna go back xxxx keep up the fantastic work Claire i love this site

  13. mckayla says:

    this help me a lot for history thank you so much for this wed site

  14. betty sinski says:

    Thank you so much Claire for you response to my remarks, such an interesting read on history and especially for us romantics who want to believe in love and the love that Elizabeth and Dudley shared, Such an exciting and then tragic love story.

  15. john bentley says:

    My new novel The Royal Secret on has much detail on the life of Elizabeth and her two sons by Robert Dudley. I would be happy to receive any comments on the book at any time.

  16. Sara Chaudhry says:

    Hi Claire,

    Thank you so much for sending me the files/report they have helped me very much in actually all the work that I needed to dos. It had all the answers on there that I was looking for and by that it made me think about more and more questions to ask. I have become addicted to learning about the Elizabeth files and I really want to learn more and read more. If you could could to please send me more!

    From Sara Chaudhry.

  17. Patricia Hammond says:

    Could I have the report, please?

  18. Rebecca says:

    I would love to read the report – thank you!

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