12 February 1590 – Death of Blanche Parry

| February 12, 2012

On this day in history, 12th February 1590, Elizabeth I’s former childhood nurse and chief gentlewoman of the privy chamber, Blanche Parry, died. She was in her early 80s. Blanche was buried in St Margaret’s Church Westminster, with funeral rites which were usually reserved for a baroness. She has a monument in St Margaret’s and […]

The Household of Elizabeth Tudor

| February 1, 2011

In a letter to the Lord Protector, Edward Seymour, in 1549, regarding her governess Kat Ashley’s imprisonment in the Tower of London, Elizabeth famously wrote:- “We are more bound to them that bringeth us up well, than to our parents, for our parents do that which is natural for them, that is bringeth us into […]

Blanche Parry

| September 17, 2010

You can find out more about Blanche Parry in the following articles:- Mistress Blanche

Elizabeth I and Mother Figures

| March 12, 2010

I’ve just written an article over at The Anne Boleyn Files, entitled “Anne Boleyn: The Mother”, looking at Anne’s short time as Elizabeth’s mother, which you may be interested in reading – click here. It’s hard to know whether Elizabeth had any memories of her mother at all, with her mother dying when Elizabeth was […]

Mistress Blanche

| October 2, 2009

Many Tudor history buffs have heard of ladies like Kat Ashley and Bess Throckmorton, who served Queen Elizabeth I, but Blanche Parry, a lady who knew Elizabeth from childhood and who was probably seen as a mother figure by Elizabeth, has often been ignored. Here, Elizabeth Files visitor Rochie tells us more about Mistress Blanche […]

Witches, Wenches and Weakness

| September 25, 2009

In Wednesday’s episode of “Elizabeth’s Women” on BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week programme, the roles and duties of Elizabeth’s ladies were discussed, and today’s episode also focuses on Elizabeth’s ladies and the relationships the Queen had with them as she aged. Witches Tracy Borman writes of how Sir Walter Raleigh (or Ralegh) had […]

Elizabeth’s Ladies

| September 23, 2009

Today’s episode of BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week, featuring “Elizabeth’s Women” by Tracy Borman, was mainly about Elizabeth’s household, the ladies who attended her. The programme also mentioned Elizabeth’s lavish coronation which was based on Anne Boleyn’s coronation which took place just over 25 years earlier – you can read about that over […]