Sir Francis Drake Sets Off on his Circumnavigation – 13 December 1577

| December 13, 2011

On this day in history, 13th December 1577,  Sir Francis Drake finally left Plymouth with his fleet of five ships on a journey which would see him circumnavigating the Globe. Storm damage to two of his ships had scuppered earlier plans. The purpose of this journey was to sail into the Pacific and raid the […]

Singeing the King of Spain’s Beard – April 1587

| April 19, 2011

On the 19th April 1587 Sir Francis Drake entered the harbour of Cadiz on the Spanish coast and led a pre-emptive strike on the Spanish fleet, destroying a number of ships (20-30) and their supplies, and causing the planned Spanish attack on England to be postponed for over a year. Drake referred to this successful […]

On This Day in History – Sir Francis Drake Knighted and the Birth of William Strachey

| April 4, 2011

On this day in history, on the 4th April 1581, after a sumptuous banquet, Sir Francis Drake was knighted on the deck of “The Golden Hind” by Queen Elizabeth I for completing his circumnavigation of the world and earning her £160,000 in treasure. The Queen then consecrated the ship and ordered that it should “be […]

Sir Francis Drake Sets Sails from Plymouth for Spain – 2 April 1587

| April 2, 2011

On this day in history, 2nd April 1587, Sir Francis Drake sailed out of Plymouth bound for Spain, where he destroyed 37 Spanish ships moored at Corunna (A Coruña) and Cadiz, ships that were being prepared for an attack on England You can read more about Sir Francis Drake in my Sir Francis Drake article […]

Sir Francis Drake

| January 28, 2011

On 28th January 1596, Sir Francis Drake’s remains and those of his second cousin, Admiral Sir John Hawkins, were buried at sea in lead coffins, just off the coast of Panama. Drake had died on the 27th January 1596. Here are some facts about Sir Francis Drake, the famous Elizabethan sailor and navigator:- Birth: Sir […]

The Spanish Armada 1: The Assembling of Troops at Tilbury Fort

| July 26, 2010

On this day in history, the 26th July 1588, 4,000 men assembled at Tilbury Fort, the fort built on the Thames estuary in Essex by Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, to guard the eastern approach to London from the expected invasion by the Spanish Armada. The Armada had first been spotted off English shores on the […]

Reign – Later Years

| August 19, 2009

June 1579 – Sir Francis Drake declares Elizabeth’s sovereignty over New Albion (California). September 1580 – Sir Francis Drake returns to England triumphantly after his circumnavigation of the globe. 1581 – Fines are imposed for those hearing the Catholic Mass. 4th April 1581 – Sir Francis Drake is knighted. 7th November 1581 – A marriage […]

Reign – Early Years

| August 19, 2009

15th January 1559 – The coronation of Elizabeth I of England at Westminster Abbey. England becomes officially protestant once again. May 1559 – Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity passed and the heresy laws were repealed. 10th May – John Knox and the Scottish Lords of the Congregation rise up against the regency of Scotland, held […]