17 thoughts on “Elizabeth I Photo Gallery

    1. She is actually standing on Ditchley so it represents her visit there, to see Sir Henry Lee, Ditchley’s owner, but it is also thought to represent Elizabeth as ruler of England and also her influence on the whole world.

  1. What gets me is that the current monarchies are whitening themselves in deprecation of their own lineage. I’m not sure they are even the same genetics as the ones who had black ancestry, and it seems replacements are being made.

    I’m sure the monarchy can’t be the house of Judah at all because there are still plenty with that genetic who are all quite dark.

    But rule they do.

    I’m part Bute Stuart and proud of it, but I think James VI was an illegitimate get from Mary Queen of Scots’ secretary Rizzio, and that’s why openly gay Lord Darnley and Rizzio were killed to hide the story. But the entire court knew, and parodied the limp dicks of the English’s bastard monarchy during the masque.

    I also think the bible was written in fraud because our family would never support nu-christianity, as this malignancy is against the bloodlines of the old civilisation.

    I think that whoever got the advanced genetic from the elongated heads are in fact Thoth’s last laugh and are the “chosen people” that have the priest-king sensibilites to be decent rulers. Certainly you can’t say that about the current illuminati at any rate.

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