This blog and website is run by Tudor history author Claire Ridgway, who is known for creating The Elizabeth Files’ sister site, www.theanneboleynfiles.com and who has published many history books.

Claire came to be interested in Elizabeth I through her research into Anne Boleyn. Like her mother, Elizabeth was an intelligent, feisty woman who had a major influence on England, her own time and the future of the country. She really was her mother’s daughter and also had much of her father, Henry VIII, about her. This personality drew Claire to her and she found herself researching her life too.

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  1. Hi, I’m doing coursework at the moment and have used your reviser as on of my sources, however, because I have done that, and as you can imagine I have to be able to cite the website within my bibliography. I am specifically writing as to ask how to correctly cite your website for my essay, but also the ‘author’ who wrote the part on plots against Elizabeth and the part detailing the bull, Regnans in as I need a name to specifically refer to.

    Thank you,
    Natalie Henshaw

  2. Hi Natalie,

    I would cite a web article as:-

    “Plots Against Elizabeth”, article by Claire Ridgway, http://www.elizabethfiles.com

    All of the information on The Elizabeth Files website is written by me unless it is a guest article and then I introduce the author at the beginning.

    Good luck with your coursework!

  3. Hello Claire,
    I have been in love with the History of Henry VIII since I was little and just within the last few years started to get into his children’s history. And tonight while I was doing some random reading online I came across people saying Elizabeth had many children but hid them all and other that say this is all lies. Since I know you know WAY more about her then me and run this site about her I figured you would be a good person to ask. So what do you think? Do you think she actually had any children? Or Do you think it is all lies.
    Thanks So Much.
    Oh and by the way I LOVE your site. Its so wonderful

    1. Lie, lies and more lies is what I think of those stories. I just don’t see how the Queen of England could keep a load of love children secret. This was a woman who had so many enemies waiting for her to do something silly so that they had an excuse to put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne so I’m sure somebody would have noticed if she gave birth while on Progress. I love all these myths though, see https://www.elizabethfiles.com/the-old-myths-regurgitated-the-bisley-boy-and-more/4697/ where I’ve looked at some of the myths associated with Elizabeth.

  4. Hola Ckaire

    I have retired to spain not far from where you website states you live in Almeria Province

    I have been an avid fan of the historic lives of the English Kings and Queens since I was at school, and the only draw back I see in retiring to Spain is that I cant persue this amature hobby apart from reading.

    Do you by chance do any kind of lectures or workshops on the subject in Spain?

    I frequently enjoy your website to confirm information on what I am reading at the time thank you so much for it

    I am afraid your email came back undeliverable

  5. Hi!
    Have you ever done research on Lady Catherine Grey? I have just begun to read about her and the history surrounding her in that historic time period. I just found your site and will now read it all!


  6. Hi Claire,

    Have you already read Steve Berry´s novel “The King´s Deception” in which he claims that Queen Elizabeth I was in fact a man because young Elizabeth died and people who took care of her replaced her with a boy out of fear to be executed by Henry VIII? According to Berry, this would explain Elizabeth´s way of dressing, behaviour and, first of all, why she never got married. What do you think of this theory?

    Marian, Slovakia

  7. Hello Claire,
    I am doing a project on Queen Elizabeth I, and I was wondering how you would like for me to cite your website specifically on Queen Elizabeth’s childhood.

    Thank You,
    Delia Adamson

  8. Hi im in the middle of an assignment and I’m looking for, relevant information and or noted sources, about Elizabeth reign and what allowed her to remain in power



  9. Claire,

    Big fan of your site. I have referenced you website many a time and I am required to state the publisher in my references. Do you have a publisher, or how does this work?


  10. Hello, I’m new to your web page. very informative am a fan of Elizabeth 1st. presently reading Weir biography of her. I tried to get the free report but it comes up as an error every time I try. please advise on how to get it. Maybe the icontact people or something. Thanks in advance. Like your site.

  11. I love history but anything Elizabethan is my favorite. What is funny is I have taken a few of those funny who were you in a past life test & nearly each time different sites, it has me as Elizabeth 1. I think it’s funny but strange too. I am male and not sure about reincarnation. I wonder if Elizabeth believed in reincarnation. Christianity was much different at that time both original Church of Catholic & the very new Protestant versions than today. I wonder if the Queen believed she could interpret her given Bible in a way only a Queen could & used that to enable her use of various things that were actually against the law in those days. Spell casting was a crime under her rule but it’s believed she had hexes removed and even cast a few of her own spells through various spiritualists.

    I often wonder if she stayed up late and how many hours of sleep she required. Some leaders or CEOs often only need 3 hours sleep. I do know, Elizabeth was a genius and perhaps the best politician who has ever lived so far. How the lead poison eventually was affecting her mind, I’m curious about such as in her 50s rather than at the end.

    Best wishes to everyone here & if anyone has new info on that Queen, I’d be happy to read and learn new info.


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