This blog and website is run by Tudor history author Claire Ridgway, who is known for creating The Elizabeth Files’ sister site, www.theanneboleynfiles.com and who has published many history books.

Claire came to be interested in Elizabeth I through her research into Anne Boleyn. Like her mother, Elizabeth was an intelligent, feisty woman who had a major influence on England, her own time and the future of the country. She really was her mother’s daughter and also had much of her father, Henry VIII, about her. This personality drew Claire to her and she found herself researching her life too.

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  1. Hello, I’m new to your web page. very informative am a fan of Elizabeth 1st. presently reading Weir biography of her. I tried to get the free report but it comes up as an error every time I try. please advise on how to get it. Maybe the icontact people or something. Thanks in advance. Like your site.

  2. I love history but anything Elizabethan is my favorite. What is funny is I have taken a few of those funny who were you in a past life test & nearly each time different sites, it has me as Elizabeth 1. I think it’s funny but strange too. I am male and not sure about reincarnation. I wonder if Elizabeth believed in reincarnation. Christianity was much different at that time both original Church of Catholic & the very new Protestant versions than today. I wonder if the Queen believed she could interpret her given Bible in a way only a Queen could & used that to enable her use of various things that were actually against the law in those days. Spell casting was a crime under her rule but it’s believed she had hexes removed and even cast a few of her own spells through various spiritualists.

    I often wonder if she stayed up late and how many hours of sleep she required. Some leaders or CEOs often only need 3 hours sleep. I do know, Elizabeth was a genius and perhaps the best politician who has ever lived so far. How the lead poison eventually was affecting her mind, I’m curious about such as in her 50s rather than at the end.

    Best wishes to everyone here & if anyone has new info on that Queen, I’d be happy to read and learn new info.


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