Elizabeth I Question and Answer

For all your Elizabeth I and Tudor questions!

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Here are the questions people have already asked:

1. What are the best books on Elizabeth I?

2. Did Elizabeth ever mention Anne Boleyn?

3. Did Elizabeth inherit Anne Boleyn's B necklace?

4. What did Elizabeth I die of?

5. Where is Elizabeth I buried?

6. Why didn't Elizabeth move Anne Boleyn's body?

7. Was Elizabeth I a virgin?

8. What is the connection between Leticia Knolleys and Cornwall. I saw a painting of her on St. Michaels Mount and know she was a patron of the poet Sidney - is this the Sidney family from Godolphin House? Or is the connection Mary Sidney sister of Robert Dudley? I'm really excited to have discovered your website. Its wonderful.

9. Did Bloody Mary kill in Leicester?

10. Were Elizabeth and Robert Dudley really lovers?

11. Who do you think did the best job of portraying Elizabeth on film? I just finished watching Glenda Jackson in "Elizabeth R" for the second time, and I think Glenda was spot on in her portrayal of Elizabeth-simply the best!

12. What museum or place has Elizabeth's Locket Ring ?

13. Have any famous handwritng experts ever done an analysis on Elizabeth's beautiful, flourishing, signature? They say you can tell a lot about a person thru their handwriting!

14. In Raymond Lamont-Browns's book "How Fat was Henry VIII, he mentions the story that Robert Dudley and Elizabeth actually had a son together-named Arthur and when he was 5 years old was sent to Kat Ashley's husband to be educated! Do you think most historians think this story is actually plausible, since Elizabeth was know at the "Virgin Queen"?

15. What happened to Lady Bryan and her son Sir Francis Bryan?

16. What year is it when Queen Elizabeth I is in her teen years

17. which mistake was Mary I?

18. Who were Elizabeth's prime Lady's in Waiting, who did she trust the most and keep closest to her? We know of Bess in "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"...how accurate was this character?

19. Why didn't Elizabeth I and Charles II, Archduke of Austria, get married?

20. Who were men that courted Elizabeth I after she was queen, specifically, who were her favorites and how intimate, if at all, were their relationships?

21. Are there many belongings of the Tudors (particularly Elizabeth and Anne Boleyn's) left in English museums? I was wondering if you thought a lot of them were destroyed by the "anti-royalists" from the 17th and 18th centuries? (Until I can go to England myself and visit the wonderful museums myself, this is something I have ofter wondered about.)

22. Okay i'm confused how exactly did Elizabeth I die? Was it the lead in her face paint? Old age? Cancer? Or is it just unknown so everyone guesses?

23. I was wondering if the current Queen Elizabeth II ever metioned Elizabeth I in any of her speeches,or if she is a "fan" of her famous ancestor? She has access to so much Tudor history, I wonder if she was interested in it.

24. Were any of the films made over the years about the Tudors ever filmed at the actual spots? If so do they have to get Queen Elizabeth's permission to shoot in the actual locations?

25. what was Elizabeths last and middle name my name is Elizabeth too i've wanted to know for a wile

26. what decor did the royalty use at christmas time

27. How was Bradgate House destroyed?

28. what sort of accent did she have...I have heard that is was broad Yorkshire is that true?

29. how long was elizabeth I imprisoned at Woodstock?

30. Please forgive my morbid curiousity, but in the 500 years since the death of Queen Elizabeth I has her tomb ever been opened or the body examined ? I'd like to know how she was dressed , and if any jewells were burried with her ? Thank-you

31. How much did Elizabeth I weigh?

32. I dont think its really an elizabeth q or not but do you think there is any chance showtime will be smart and give us more tudors in the form of mary and PLEASE PLEASE elizabeth because I think many a tudor fan would love to see it and it would make a killer series if done like the first 4 series.

33. 1. In 1586 Mary Q of S was involved in an encrypted correspondence with a conspirator that cost her life who was he? 2. Name of the code breaker? hired by Sir Francis Walsingham

34. Why did Elizabeth hate Lettice so much? I know a big part of it was her marriage to Robert Dudley but what was her reasoning for disliking her before the marriage? Did she ever say? I've read that it was because she was jealous of Lettice's looks.

35. who did robert devereux ,earl of essex marry