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  1. In the portrait of her when she was younger, it seems like she is wearing her mother’s “B” necklace. I thought Elizabeth didn’t wear much of Anne’s jewelry.

  2. Alison Weir believes that Anne’s B and A necklaces were passed on to Elizabeth and that Elizabeth is wearing the A necklace in the Whitehall Henry VIII Family/Dynasty portrait (the one with Jane Seymour in it). It’s hard to know for definite.

  3. These are wonderful. What I wouldn’t give to travel back in time to see Elizabeth and Anne Boleyn. Okay, okay, Henry, too.

  4. Thanks so much for this information. I’m doing a school project and this stuff is exactly what I need. thanks again

  5. Hi Claire, i didn´t find the picture of the famous Elizabeth´s ring… i wish i could have more information of this, am very interesed and i hope we can view soon.


  6. I have been in love with Elizabeth I for many years now. Respecting and admiring such a noble and great Lady and Queen. I still have lots to read, lots to learn about the Tudor Dynasty and eagerly await each new book, article, website that I can get my hands on. Thanks for such a great informative site! Reading on…

  7. I am a admirer of the MOST IMPORTANT MONARCH in History.I visited a decade ago Westminster Abbey and saw the Tomb.It was AWESOME.I nearly lost control to cry.
    What it would take to give 24th March[making it England’s National Day] as ‘Queen Elizabeth day’,for our present Queen would be an honour to BOTH.Next year 2013 will mark 410yrs of her death.
    I was born opposite Hampton Court and i think this has some value to me in becoming a admirer of the Tudors.
    She should be knighted as a SAINT,because without Eliz 1 we would not be sitting here,let alone the corridors of History would have changed completely if Spain had won the Armada.
    If i had a wish to go back in time the Only moment i would go in the <2000years would be 23rd March 1603,and comfort her majesty in her last moments in the 3am-4am 24th March.
    I have quite a few books on her too.
    Many Thanks

    1. Do you mean the round ball? That is the orb. The orb, sceptre and crown were the items given to the monarch at their coronation and were symbols of their authority as King/Queen. The orb itself symbolises the monarch’s role as Defender of the Faith and as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

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