Why didn’t Elizabeth move Anne Boleyn’s body?

Full question: "Why didn't Elizabeth I move her mother Anne Boleyn's body from St Peter ad Vincula to somewhere more fitting?"

It is said that Elizabeth was advised to "let sleeping dogs lie" as far as her mother was concerned as Anne Boleyn was still unpopular. I think this is also why Elizabeth only spoke of her mother a couple of times. To dredge up the subject of Anne Boleyn would also dredge up Elizabeth's illegitimacy and to convince people that her mother was innocent would be making Henry responsible for executing an innocent woman


2 thoughts on “Why didn’t Elizabeth move Anne Boleyn’s body?

  1. By many, Elizabeth was still considered a bastard and for her to move her mother’s body, (who was called a whore), would bring up sore subjects. I think Elizabeth’s advisers told her to “Let sleeping dogs lie” because she had enough problems on her plate without creating more. There were rebels in Ireland, England was financially unstable and there were many foreign powers trying to take her crown.

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