Elizabeth I Competition

| August 31, 2009

Today is a big day because it is actually the official launch day of  The Elizabeth Files, the sister site of The Anne Boleyn Files. I welcome you to the Elizabeth Files and hope that you will enjoy finding out more about Elizabeth I, daughter of my heroine Anne Boleyn. As I said in an […]

Elizabeth I: The Writer

| August 31, 2009

Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn who were both patrons of the Arts and who helped bring the Renaissance to England. Their love of learning and of the arts was evidently passed on to Elizabeth who was an accomplished writer, writing many famous poems, speeches and […]

Elizabeth I Portrayals

| August 27, 2009

Elizabeth I has been portrayed by so many actresses:- Ellen Compton Sarah Bernhardt Flora Robson Bette Davis Jean Simmons Glenda Jackson Dame Judi Dench Miranda Richardson (Blackadder) Cate Blanchett Anne Marie Duff Helen Mirren Dame Josephine Barstow But many of these productions have been criticised for the liberties they have taken with Elizabeth’s story and […]

The Shaping of a Monarch

| August 26, 2009

I love David Starkey’s “Elizabeth”, particularly the introduction, because it really helps us to understand what drove this monarch, what made her the woman she was and the Queen she was. Elizabeth should have had a privileged life as a royal princess but instead she had a life of uncertainty. She went from being the […]

Elizabeth I’s Main Achievements

| August 23, 2009

Elizabeth I ruled England for 44 years, compared to Mary I’s five year rule, Lady jane Grey’s nine day rule and Edward VI’s six year rule, and she made a huge difference to the country. As I said in my last post, England was in a depressing state when she inherited it from her half […]

Mary I’s Legacy

| August 21, 2009

Elizabeth I was the third of Henry VIII’s children to reign over England, following in the footsteps of her step-siblings Edward VI and Mary I, and although she must have been ecstatic to receive what was rightly hers she must also have been incredibly apprehensive. Why? Because England was in a pretty bad way. The […]

Why Elizabeth I?

| August 20, 2009

Welcome to The Elizabeth Files, a website and blog which has actually sprung out of my initial fascination and obsession with Elizabeth I’s mother, Anne Boleyn. Most people become interested with Anne Boleyn through their research into Elizabeth I, but I like to go about things differently! Although I have studied Elizabeth I in the […]