James VI of Scotland and James I of England

| April 29, 2010

As I said in yesterday’s post, Elizabeth I’s death brought the House of Tudor’s reign over England to an end. Henry VIII who had been obsessed with carrying on the Tudor line ended up having a son who reigned for 6 years and who never came of age, a daughter who reigned for 5 years […]

The Funeral of Elizabeth I

| April 28, 2010

On this day in history, 28th April 1603, Elizabeth I was laid to rest. I have already written about Elizabeth I’s funeral and her resting place in my post “The Death of Elizabeth I” so I won’t repeat it here, but her death was the end of an era, the end of a Golden Age […]

William Shakespeare

| April 23, 2010

Today marks the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death in 1616 and possibly his birth in 1564. We do not know his actual birthday but he was baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon on the 26th April 1564 so the 23rd April is when we celebrate his birth. William Shakespeare has got to be one of the greatest (if […]

Elizabeth I’s Reign – Just Survival?

| April 21, 2010

I have been reading G J Meyer’s The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty, which is an interesting read, but when I got to the part on Elizabeth my blood began to boil. It started off OK – it actually starts with Elizabeth I’s death – and Meyer writes of how, considering […]

Katherine the Queen by Linda Porter

| April 16, 2010

Historian and author Linda Porter concludes her Katherine Parr biography with:- “The adult Elizabeth was very much the product of Katherine Parr. Her education, her religious beliefs, her consciousness of personal image owed much to her stepmother who guided and loved her during those formative years. Katherine had brought up a talented and determined girl, […]

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

| April 12, 2010

“For I assure you neither they nor any other now in yonder hold or durance was privy of my rising or commotion before I began” These are the words that Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger spoke just before the execution. Even when faced with death, he would not implicate Elizabeth, instead he used his scaffold […]

RIP Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

| April 11, 2010

On this day in history, 11th April 1554, Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger was executed after being found guilty of treason. Wyatt, son of Sir Thomas Wyatt the poet, led an uprising known as “Wyatt’s Rebellion” against Queen Mary I. The rising was in opposition to Mary’s plans to marry the Spanish King, Philip II […]

Sir Francis Walsingham – Elizabeth’s Spymaster

| April 6, 2010

On this day in history, 6th April 1590, Sir Francis Walsingham died at about the age of 58. He was an incredibly important man during Elizabeth I’s reign being a statesman, private secretary, adviser, diplomat and spymaster, and he probably saved the Queen’s life many times by uncovering various plots against her. Let’s celebrate Walsingham’s […]

The Mirror of the Sinful Soul

| April 1, 2010

Today, on Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday), the day we commemorate the Last Supper which Jesus Christ shared with his disciples, I thought it was fitting to look at “Le miroir de l’ame pecheresse” or “The Mirror (Glass) of the Sinful Soul”, the religious poem which Elizabeth translated as a gift for her stepmother Catherine […]