RIP Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

On this day in history, 11th April 1554, Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger was executed after being found guilty of treason. Wyatt, son of Sir Thomas Wyatt the poet, led an uprising known as “Wyatt’s Rebellion” against Queen Mary I. The rising was in opposition to Mary’s plans to marry the Spanish King, Philip II of Spain, but it failed when Wyatt’s supporters deserted him.

I will write more on Wyatt’s Rebellion tomorrow but here is an interesting video on Wyatt and his rebellion:-

It was Wyatt’s Rebellion which led to Elizabeth being imprisoned in the Tower but Wyatt refused to implicate her and went to his death proclaiming her innocence. A brave man.

3 thoughts on “RIP Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger

  1. I think that Elizabeth was privy to the rebellion, and that by protecting her, Sir Thomas saved her life at the expense of his own.

    Mary was a homicidal maniac. I think anyone who wished to rebel against her was justified.

  2. The irony of Wyatt’s action’s are that by trying to oppose a spain match he may have bought down the worsed of Mary’s wrath on the people, Mary often said ” if god is with us ,who can be against us !” it is interesting to note that the area’s where Wyatt gained most of his support suffered the most from the Burnings a few years later, the effect of the action may have provoked an equal and opposite one from the Queen . a stiffening of her belief’s in the Catholic cause .

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