Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 2 Part 2 with feedback from Tom Cullen and Anya Reiss

Thank you to all those who commented on my last video with their views on the Elizabeth and Seymour storyline. It’s such an important topic and it was great to open up that dialogue.

Huge thanks go to Tom Cullen, who plays Thomas Seymour, and Anya Reiss, the writer, for reaching out to me, sharing their views and giving some insights into how and why Elizabeth and Seymour are depicted this way and where their storyline is going.

But what about the rest of the episode? Well, don’t worry, in this episode of my video series I look at the relationship between Edward VI and Princess Mary, the fuss over Catherine Parr’s jewels, and the characters Lady Jane Grey and Robert Dudley.

Here’s the link to my article featuring Tom Cullen’s comments, which he gave me permission to use –…

You can see Anya’s comments replying to me on Twitter as the Anne Boleyn Files –

Tomorrow, I’m doing a Zoom group discussion on this episode of Becoming Elizabeth for participants of my forthcoming Elizabeth I online event. It’s not too late to register! See for all the details. There’s so much to look forward to!

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