Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 3 – Either Learn or Be Silent

In this week’s episode of “Becoming Elizabeth”, episode 3 “Either Learn or Be Silent”, things come to a head between Thomas Seymour and Elizabeth, but is historian Claire Ridgway still angry, or has she calmed down? How does she feel about the Elizabeth and Seymour storyline and just how close was this episode to history?

I look at what history tells us about Seymour’s behaviour with Elizabeth, including the dress-slashing scenes, as well as looking at the timeline of events, the Mary/Elizabeth letter storyline, Elizabeth’s 15th birthday, Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey, the Greys, Edward VI and Lord Protector Somerset, Pedro de Negro and Catherine Parr’s feelings about her pregnancy. Phew!

The link to Susan Higginbotham’s article on Frances Grey –
The link to Miranda Kaufmann’s article on Pedro de Negro –

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