Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 4 – Lighten Our Darkness – Becoming Elizabeth or Becoming Mary?

This week’s episode of Becoming Elizabeth, Lighten our Darkness, had us thinking that Elizabeth might just be pregnant, saw the end of Queen Catherine Parr, and should, I feel, have been called Becoming Mary.

Let me share with you the history behind this week’s episode and my views on how things played out, as we say goodbye to Catherine Parr, see Elizabeth becoming independent and a new Elizabeth, and watch Mary reacting to the violence aimed at her beloved church, a violence caused by her own half-brother Edward IV’s religious policies. Oh, and I point out a Tudor character who is sadly missing from the series.

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7 thoughts on “Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 4 – Lighten Our Darkness – Becoming Elizabeth or Becoming Mary?

  1. I SO AGREE, with many of your points! The pregnancy scare- nope. The F bombs, particularly when spoken by Catherine Parr, double nope! I just can’t see that coming out of a lady’s mouth, especially one of her standing and background. I really do like Mary’s character as well. We typically see her as a harsh, embittered, homely woman onscreen, with the exception of “The Tudors”.

  2. I quite agree, Claire. I’m finding the whole series a bit more than disappointing, and instead rather irritating. It is a very poor depiction and is totally fantasy.

  3. Loved this episode. Very little sex or swearing.
    Definitely Elizabeth did not have a fake pregnancy. She is turning into Elizabeth.

    1. I loved how Mary has been developing during the series. I like that they have Elizabeth and her actually visiting each other, rather than writing letters because it’s much more dramatic interaction. Mary is brilliant in her expression of motherly concern and adult wisdom, her show of religious passion and her faith really comes through in her strength. Of course the pregnancy with Elizabeth was rather shocking but at least it was only a rumour.

  4. I’m on vacation in Chicago and can’t get STARZ at the hotel so I’m few very “left behind”! Your comments are keeping me invested and I’m grateful!!!

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