What happened to Lady Bryan and her son Sir Francis Bryan?

Sir Francis Bryan went on to become Chief Gentleman of the Privy Chamber after Anne Boleyn's execution but lost this post in 1539 after losing favour with Cromwell. After Cromwell's fall he became vice-admiral of the fleet, and later, during the reign of Edward VI, he became Lord Chief Justice of Ireland. He died at Clonmel, in Ireland in 1550.

Margaret Bourchier, Lady Bryan, was governess to Mary I, Elizabeth I and Edward VI. She died around 1551/1552 in Leyton which is now part of London but which was then a village in Essex. Her Wikipedia page states that there is a late mention of Margaret Bryan in the archives (Letters and Papers), payment of a 20 pound annuity to "Lady Margaret Bryane, the King's servant" in 1545.


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