RIP Elizabeth of York

On this day in history, on the 11th February 1466, Elizabeth of York was born and on her 37th birthday, on the 11th February 1503, she died. Fancy dying on your birthday!

But who was Elizabeth of York?

Well, you can read my full fact-file on Elizabeth of York in “Happy Birthday and RIP Elizabeth of York” over at The Anne Boleyn Files, but Elizabeth of York was:-

  • Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville
  • Sister of “The Princes in the Tower”
  • Wife of Henry VII
  • Mother of Henry VIII, Margaret Tudor (Queen Consort of Scotland) and Mary Tudor (Queen of France)
  • Grandmother of Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I and James V of Scotland
  • Great-grandmother of James VI/I and Frances Grey (nee Brandon)
  • Great-great-grandmother of Lady Jane Grey
  • A woman famed for her beauty, a true English Rose
  • The woman who helped Henry Tudor unite the Houses of Lancaster and York

Other Birthdays Today

Happy Birthday Natalie Dormer! The actress who played Anne Boleyn so brilliantly in “The Tudors” celebrates her birthday today as does Elizabeth Files and Anne Boleyn Files creator, Claire – Claire of Lancaster (having been born in Lancashire).

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  1. Happy Birthday to the wonderful Claire of Lancaster!

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us, so that we may learn & quench our thirst for Tudor History!


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