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Is Anne Boleyn’s Famous Portrait Actually Elizabeth I?

| September 28, 2010

I was inspired to write this post today by a member of The Anne Boleyn Files Facebook page, Jane, who commented that the portrait of Elizabeth I on the cover of the latest issue of History Today looks like an older Anne Boleyn. As you can see from looking at the National Portrait Gallery portrait […]

The Spanish Armada 8 – Elizabeth’s Tilbury Speech

| August 9, 2010

On the 9th August 1588 (old calendar) Elizabeth I appeared before her troops gathered at Tilbury. In her article “The Myth of Elizabeth at Tilbury”, Susan Frye, writes that there are no reliable eye-witness accounts regarding Elizabeth I’s appearance on that day, but that tradition places the Queen in armour, giving a rousing speech – […]

Elizabeth I Phoenix Portrait

| July 7, 2010

Today we’re going to look at a portrait which is startlingly similar to last week’s Pelican Portrait, a portrait which almost looks like a mirror of the Pelican Portrait if you just glance at it quickly. Here it is, it is the Phoenix Portrait:- The Phoenix Portrait was painted around the same time (perhaps a […]

The Elizabeth I Pelican Portrait

| June 29, 2010

Thank you so much for all of your comments regarding symbolism in the Armada portrait, I still can’t figure out whether it’s a pomegranate or a finial behind Elizabeth, but it’s great fun discussing these portraits and puzzling them out. Today, we’re going to look at the famous Pelican Portrait thought to have been painted […]

Elizabeth I – Queen of PR

| June 17, 2010

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled “Elizabeth I’s Image” which was based on the BBC series “The Seven Ages of Britain”, a series which looked at Britain’s history through its art and treasure. In that article I mentioned how Elizabeth I, like her father Henry VIII, used her portraits as propaganda, as […]

Elizabeth I – A Virago, Genetically Male or Simply a Strong woman?

| November 12, 2009

My inspiration from this article comes from the comments left on my “Bisley Boy” post, particularly the one left by historian and author Leanda de Lisle who said: “I’m afraid this kind of sexist myth about Elizabeth is not that uncommon. In the sixteenth century it was believed that women who exercised power over men […]

Witches, Wenches and Weakness

| September 25, 2009

In Wednesday’s episode of “Elizabeth’s Women” on BBC Radio 4′s Book of the Week programme, the roles and duties of Elizabeth’s ladies were discussed, and today’s episode also focuses on Elizabeth’s ladies and the relationships the Queen had with them as she aged. Witches Tracy Borman writes of how Sir Walter Raleigh (or Ralegh) had […]

Was Elizabeth a Jealous Old Hag?

| September 18, 2009

I’ve just been listening to a BBC History Magazine interview with Tracy Borman, writer of “Elizabeth’s Women: The Hidden Story of the Virgin Queen”, which takes as its theme Elizabeth I’s jealous streak. It really is an interesting interview and well worth a listen – you can either download it from iTunes (BBC History Magazine […]

What Did Elizabeth I Look Like?

| September 11, 2009

“What a silly question!”, you may say, after all we’ve got an abundance of portraits and depictions of this famous queen of England! But, can we trust these to give an accurate record of what Good Queen Bess really looked like? Probably not. Why do I say this? Because, like many monarchs of her time, […]