16th October 1555 – The Burnings of Latimer and Ridley

Bishop Hugh Latimer

On this day in history, 16th October 1555, Bishops Latimer and Ridley, two of the Oxford Martyrs, were burned at the stake in Oxford during the reign of Queen Mary I.

You can read all about this day and also the lives of these men in my article “The Burnings of Ridley and Latimer”.

RIP Bishop Ridley and Bishop Latimer, and also Archbishop Cranmer.

2 thoughts on “16th October 1555 – The Burnings of Latimer and Ridley

  1. Whenever anyone complains about the state of christianity in the 21st century I thank God that we now longer feel the need to torture and kill each other. (At least in most of the world). God bless the memory of these brave men.

  2. Ridley and Latimer were brave and courageous men of integrity who were prepared to die the most horrific Death for their beliefs. They are good men and are in Heaven .

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