8 May 1559 – Act of Uniformity

Apologies for not writing much on here at the moment, I’m rather caught up with the countdown to the execution of Elizabeth I’s mother, Anne Boleyn, on 19th May 1536 over at The Anne Boleyn Files and also preparing for the upcoming Executed Queens Tour.


Anyway, on the 8th May 1559, Queen Elizabeth I gave her approval to the Acts of Uniformity and Supremacy and you can read more about the Act of Uniformity, the act which made Protestantism England’s official faith, in my article – “Act of Uniformity 1559”. In that article you will also find a link to the full text of the Act.

1 thought on “8 May 1559 – Act of Uniformity

  1. Her first impulse was to be generous in matters of faith–only later did she execute for faith–because by then, it was clear allowing both to coexist would lead to treason. I’m writing about Elizabeth I this summer and falling more and more in love with her! She is a fascinating as her mother!

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