Becoming Elizabeth – Episode 6 – What Cannot be Cured – The fact behind the fiction

In episode 6 of “Becoming Elizabeth”, “What cannot be cured”, we saw Thomas Seymour pay the ultimate price for his recklessness and ambition, Elizabeth betray her former lover, the royal council plot against the Lord Protector, John Dudley come to the fore, and Robert Dudley meet an opinionated and intriguing young woman…

Yes, another jam-packed, and rather disturbing episode, but just how much of it really happened?

Join me, historian and author Claire Ridgway, as I look at the main storylines of this week’s “Becoming Elizabeth” and sort fact from fiction.

My online event “Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen” doesn’t start properly until 7th September, but participants can enjoy two events this week:

  • On Friday (22nd July), we have a zoom group discussion call on episode 6 of Becoming Elizabeth. It was a jam-packed episode so there will be lots to discuss, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to talk Tudor with other Tudor history lovers.
  • Then on Saturday (23rd July), we have a Q&A session in our chatroom with Christine Hartweg, author of “Amy Robsart: A Life and Its End”, about Amy Robsart, her marriage to Robert Dudley, and her controversial death. I interviewed Christine about Amy for our event and participants have access to that video interview. Christine is such an expert on Amy and also the Dudley family, and it’s always a pleasure to pick her brains. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Christine’s views on the cause of Amy’s death.

It’s not too late to register, so do consider joining me, Christine, Dr Tracy Borman, Dr Linda Porter, Dr Estelle Paranque, Dr Elizabeth Goldring, Dr Elizabeth Norton and Dr Owen Emmerson for a 10-day online event where you’ll learn more about the iconic Queen Elizabeth I, and uncover the facts behind series and movies like Becoming Elizabeth and the Cate Blanchett films. Find out more at

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