Becoming Elizabeth – Who is missing?

Becoming Elizabeth” has been a mixed bag when it comes to historical accuracy, with the timeline being all over the place, and people featured who shouldn’t be there or in the position they’re in, but one of the main oddities for me is the omission of people who had key roles in the events featured, or whose inclusion would have added even more drama.

Stay tuned while I take you through a few of them.


1 thought on “Becoming Elizabeth – Who is missing?

  1. I don’t have a problem with most people on the list missing as most viewers won’t have a clue who the are, but Thomas Cramer is essential. You can work around most of the others and indeed they have done, but the star player of the English Reformation and prayer book should definitely be present, front and centre. We are missing a very important character there.
    Maybe Cranmer has been merged with Stephen Gardiner who has far too an integral role, especially as he was locked up in the Tower for most of the reign as a dissenting voice.

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