Prince Eric of Sweden


Name Prince Eric (Erik) of Sweden, later King Eric XIV of Sweden
Date of Birth 13th December 1533
Who was he?


Prince Eric of Sweden was the son of King Gustav I of Sweden and Catherine of Saxe Lauenburg. He became King of Sweden in 1560 until he was deposed and imprisoned in 1568.
How was he linked to Elizabeth I SuitorEric pursued Elizabeth I for many years, against his father’s wishes but gave up in 1560 when he had to return to Sweden, from a trip to England, because his father had died.
What happened to him? He returned to Sweden in 1560 to become King and in 1561 he also became King of Estonia, after conquering it.During his reign, he became mentally instable and eventually became insane. After his insanity worsened, King Eric was deposed and imprisoned by John III of Sweden (his half brother).
Death He died in prison after being given a bowl of pea soup which was laced with arsenic.
Quotes “Erik was prone to sending the Queen letters containing passionate declarations of love, which greatly entertained her.” Alison Weir “Elizabeth the Queen”.
Marriages and Children Eric married Karin Mansdotter in 1568 and had 4 children with her:

  • Sigrid – born before the marriage.
  • Gustaf – born before the marriage.
  • Henrik – Died in childhood.
  • Arnold – Only lived for a year.

He also had 5 illegitimate children, four with Agda Persdotter and one with Karin Jacobsdotter.

Books Biography of Eric XIV of Sweden

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  1. I have inherent a medal Order of Vasa and have been told it gets passed to the eldest daughter of each family .I am wanting to know who the medal was presented to in the first place and how old would it be. I have some of the family tree from the above King Eric.
    I live in Australia and my mother has just passed away so would like some information about our family tree.

  2. In response to Margaret Butler’s inquiring about the Order of Vasa medal. Here’s a site that addresses Swedish Medals and their significance.

  3. Let me try again; it is world wide web dot arnell dot cc / index dot index. Take out the spaces and replace “dot” with a period.

  4. Could you please give political reasons why Elisabeth did not want to marry him
    This will really help with my course work

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