Philip II of Spain


Name King Philip II of Spain
Date of Birth 21st May 1527
Who was he?
Son of Charles I of Spain (also Charles V Holy Roman Emperor) and Isabella of Portugal.Philip was King of Spain between 1556 and 1598, King of Naples between 1554 and 1598, and husband of Elizabeth’ half sister Mary I between 1554 and her death in 1558.
How was he linked to Elizabeth I SuitorPhilip wanted to keep his link with England so, when Mary died, he sent a marriage proposal to Elizabeth. Elizabeth did not answer straight away and was considering other offers of marriage. Philip eventually gave up on the idea and Elizabeth finally became his enemy when English ships plundered Spanish ships coming back from the New World and also attacked a Spanish port. Philip and Elizabeth eventually “came to blows” with the Spanish Armada and war.
What happened to him? Philip died in 1598 and was succeeded by one of his sons, Philip III of Spain. The Philippines are named after Philip II.
Death He died of fever, gout and dropsy at the age of 71.
Quotes “God, who has given me so many Kingdoms to govern, has not given me a son fit to govern them.”Philip II of Spain
Marriages and Children Philip married four times:-

  • Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal – Maria died giving birth to their only child, Carlos Prince of Asturias.
  • Mary I of England – Mary died in 1558 and died childless.
  • Elisabeth of Valois – 5 children but only 2 survived: Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain and Catherine Michelle of Spain. Elisabeth of Valois died after miscarrying a son.
  • Anna of Austria – 4 children: Ferdinand Prince of Asturias, Carlos Lorenzo who died young, Diego Prince of Asturias, Philip (Philip III of Spain) and Maria who died young.
Books The Letters of Philip II of Spain and “Renaissance Man” – an article on Philip II.