26 thoughts on “Did Elizabeth ever mention Anne Boleyn?

  1. I think she used Henry VIII’s name for political reasons, to strengthen per position as queen. She called herself “Great Harry’s daughter.” Henry was a strong king who commanded–and received respect and deference. By publicly declaring Henry as her father, she was trying to make herself formidable and respected.

  2. We don’t know what Elizabeth’s private feelings about Anne was. But, the locket speaks volumes IMO.

    But, I agree 100% with those who said that her tying herself to Henry and his legacy was probably, at first, the act of a child bonding with their parent but definitely also an artful calculation of being seen as Henry’s rightful and destined heir, no matter what technicalities might pronounce her illegitimate.

    I absolutely do believe that Elizabeth not speaking of Anne publically was political in nature as well. Hm, speak of the mother who was accused of treason and tie yourself to her legacy or tie yourself to that of the father and make your rule more concrete by establishing yourself as his rightful successor and inheritor?

  3. I think Elizabeth was frightened speaking about her mother. They were very cruel in this century so I don’t think she spoke about her mother when Henry was in the room. But I think she spoke about her mother, with people who knew Anne.

  4. I am very sorry for Elizabeth. After her Mother’s death, Her Father had Her, “Elizabeth”
    put out of his sight because she reminded him of her Mother. The poor Little girl
    was sent to Haitfiled. She was done just like her older half sister, Mary.

    I don’t know how the little princess learned of her Mother’s dearh, but if my Father
    had had my Mother Killed, I would want very little to do with him.

    My Mother divorced my Father when I was three years old. He was a dead beat. He
    never told me, that he loved me, or, that he was proud of anything, that I accomplished.

    He told my Grandparents, that I was going to be treated like a part of the family. i was
    more like his Bastard son even though I was born into royalty.

    Sometimes I wonder if Mary Tudor told Elizabeth about how Anne Boylen died, and, that
    their father had Elizabeth’s Mother, Anne Boylen executed.

  5. Poor Elizabeth, the Child had four Stepmothers. One of them was her 2nd cousin on
    her Mother’s side of the Family.

    If My Father has been Henry VIII, I would be afraid of him. Mother was beheaded and
    Cousin Queen Chathrine was too. Cousin Catherine got the ax.

    I really think, that there wasn’t any lover in Henry VIII’s houehold for his to daughter
    except by some governesses. Henry VIII was some kind of old Devil or a tyrannt.

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