8th September 1560 – Death of Amy Robsart

The Death of Amy Robsart by William Frederick Yeames

On this day in history, 8th September, 1560, Amy Dudley (née Robsart), wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, died at her home, Cumnor Place in Oxfordshire. Her servants found her body at the bottom of the stairs when they returned from “Our Lady’s Fair” at Abingdon, it appeared that she had fallen down the stairs.

At the inquest into Amy’s death, the coroner ruled that Amy’s death was the result of “misfortune”, an accident, but there is still controversy today over Amy’s death – was it suicide, murder or an accident? You can read more about Amy’s death in the following articles:-

12 thoughts on “8th September 1560 – Death of Amy Robsart

  1. I have a real problem with the idea of Amy committing suicide. It was regarded as a terrible sin to do such a thing. We have gone a long way from the idea that such a thing is wrong. It was not really until recently that suicide lost its stigma.

  2. She died on my birthday exactly 400 years before, yes I too believe it was just a tragic accident she was ill and probably just stumbled, the long gowns they wore must have hampered her steps it’s easy done, people have to have a murder tho to spice up life, make it more interesting, she had been resting in her bedroom and so was probably feeling sleepy that added to her illness made her vulnerable, it was very very sad, Dudley nor Elizabeth would have killed an innocent woman I’m sure of it, they wernt stupid as there was gossip about them anyway, for his wife to die suddenly like that would have pointed the finger right at them had they married soon after and no way would Elizabeth endanger her position, Dudley gave her a magnificent funeral I heard and must have mourned her however much he was involved with the Queen.

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