2 thoughts on “Elizabeth I and the threat posed by the Grey Sisters

  1. I’ve been reading a great deal lately about Elizabeth and her court and found she must have had the same ability to “forget” the horrible things she felt she was forced to do to secure her throne. I guess that’s how she lived with herself. I do not think she was the brute Henry VIII was and she certainly agonized long enough ove the fate of Mary, Queen of Scots. But the way she treated Katharine and Mary Grey–wow. Thanks!

  2. Just skedaddled over to Amazon and bought the book; it would seem being Queen is not all adulation and people kowtowing to you – there are some hard choices made to keep the throne under one’s very royal rear end. When those choices involve family members who would snatch the throne, or whose children had the potential to do so, there was simply no such thing as an easy solution.

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