The Friday Review

Here’s a quick review of the latest news here at the Elizabeth files and in the Tudor world, please comment if you have heard of any Tudor events, book releases, podcasts etc. that may be of interest to us.

  • Book Review – Over at the Tudor Book review site, I have just this week reviewed Jeane Westin’s fabulous novel set in the time of Elizabeth I’s reign. It is a wonderful book telling the stories of two ladies-in-waiting to the Queen, Lady Katherine Grey and Mary Rogers, as they cope with the Queen and her rages, court intrigue and falling in love against Her Majesty’s wishes. I loved it and congratulations to Jeane on writing such a great novel. Click here to read my review. Jeane also wrote a guest article on Elizabeth I and Dudley “Did they or Didn’t They?” here so make sure you read that.
  • New Elizabeth I Primary Sources available – If you’re anything like me, you love reading through real historical documents, so I just wanted to make you aware of the British History Online website which has a collection of primary source documents including “Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, 1547-80” which is divided into lots of different volumes by date. One warning, it is very addictive and you are likely to get lost in it for hours!

  • New pages – The Elizabeth Files is a relatively new site but is growing all the time. Just this week, I have added Elizabeth’s “Tide Letter” and articles on Tudor Birth Control and Witchcraft.
  • Halloween Competition – If you are wearing a product bought from The Elizabeth Files or The Anne Boleyn Files this Halloween then you can enter The Anne Boleyn Files Halloween Competition. All entrants will receive a discount coupon and the winner will receive a signed copy of “Virgin and the Crab” – click here for full details.
  • Elizabeth and Mary Part 3 – If you haven’t done so already, please read the third and final part of my series on Elizabeth and Mary’s relationship.
  • Elizabeth Locket Ring and Necklace – We have just launched our very own version of Elizabeth’s locket ring which is available as a ring or necklace. Thank you so much for the compliments! Lisa ordered the necklace and said “I just got my necklace and have to tell everyone how beautiful it is! Daniela is so talented!” – thanks for the feedback Lisa!
  • Christmas – We have a wide range of Elizabeth jewelry: replicas from Elizabeth Movies, replica Elizabethan pieces like the Princess Elizabeth necklace from the portrait, coins and pomanders, contemporary jewelry based on the Rainbow portrait and lots more. Check out our Products page for inspiration and we can also gift wrap most of our jewelry range.

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and enjoy Halloween!

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  1. Claire,Thats fab!!I’m going to buy both to add to my Tudor Collection, if you love jewlery get some of the jewlery on the Tudors they will go up in value and I am handing them down to my children. THX Baroness Von Reis

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