Elizabeth I Timeline

Early Life:-

  • 1533 – 7th September, birth of Elizabeth I
  • 1536 – 7th January, death of Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife
  • 1536 – 19th May, execution of Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I’s mother
  • 1536 – 20th May, betrothal of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
  • 1536 – 30th May, marriage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
  • 1537 – 12th October, birth of Edward VI
  • 1537 – 24th October, death of Jane Seymour
  • 1540 – 6th January, marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
  • 1540 – 9th July, annulment of marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves
  • 1540 – 28th July, marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard
  • 1542 – 13th February, execution of Catherine Howard
  • 1543 – 12th July, marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr
  • 1547 – 28th January, death of Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s father
  • 1547 – Around May – Secret marriage of Catherine Parr and Thomas Seymour, Lord Seymour of Sudeley
  • 1547/1548 – Thomas Seymour acting inappropriately with Elizabeth
  • 1548 – May, Catherine Parr finds Elizabeth in Seymour’s arms and send Elizabeth away to Sir Anthony Denny’s home
  • 1548 – 5th September, death of Catherine Parr, Elizabeth’s stepmother
  • 1549 – 20th March, execution of Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley.
  • 1550 – 4th June, marriage of Robert Dudley and Amy Robsart
  • 1553 – 6th July, death of Edward VI, half-brother of Elizabeth
  • 1553 – 6th-19th July, 13 day rule of Lady Jane Grey
  • 1553 – 19th July, accession of Mary I, Elizabeth’s half-sister
  • 1554 – Wyatt’s Rebellion
  • 1554 – 12th February, execution of Lady Jane Grey and her husband, Guildford Dudley
  • 1554 – 18th March, Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower
  • 1554 – 19th May, Elizabeth released from the Tower but kept under house arrest at Woodstock
  • 1554 – 25th July, Mary I marries Philip of Spain
  • 1558 – 17th November, death of Mary I and accession of Elizabeth I


  • 1558 – 17th November, accession of Elizabeth I
  • 1559 – 15th January, coronation of Elizabeth I
  • 1559 – 2nd April, Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis between Elizabeth I and Henry II of France, 3rd April between Henry II and Philip II of Spain.
  • 1559 – 8th May, Elizabethan Religious Settlement – Passing of the Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity
  • 1559 – 24th June, first use of the Elizabethan Prayer Book
  • 1559 – 10th July, death of Henry II of France, accession of Francis II. Francis and his wife, Mary Queen of Scots declared themselves King and Queen of England, as well as France.
  • 1560 – 5th July, Treaty of Edinburgh following the Siege of Leith. Treay between England/Scottish Lords and France.
  • 1560 – 8th September – Death of Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley.
  • 1560 – 5th December – Death of Francis II of France, husband of Mary Queen of Scots. Accession of Charles IX with his mother, Catherine de’ Medici as Regent.
  • 1562 – 1st March, Massacre of Vassy (or Wassy) – Murder of Huguenots on the orders of Francis, Duke of Guise, and the start of the French Wars of Religion.
  • 1561 – 19th August, Mary Queen of Scots lands at Leith in Scotland.
  • 1562 – 22nd September, Treaty of Hampton Court (or Richmond) between Elizabeth I and Huguenot leader, Louis I de Bourbon.
  • 1562 – October, Elizabeth I seriously ill with smallpox.
  • 1563 – The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion
  • 1563 – 20th March, first publication of the English edition of John Foxe’s “Actes and Monuments” (Book of Martyrs).
  • 1563 – Outbreak of the Black Death or the Plague in London.
  • 1564 – April, Treaty of Troyes between England and France.
  • 1564 – 26th February, baptism of Christopher Marlowe, birthdate unknown.
  • 1564 – 26th April, baptism of William Shakespeare, thought to have been born around the 23rd, in Straford-upon-Avon.
  • 1564 – 27th May, death of French theologian and Reformer, John Calvin.
  • 1564 – 25th July, accession of Maximilian II as Holy Roman Emperor after the death of his father, Ferdinand I.
  • 1565 – 29th July, Mary Queen of Scots marries Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, at Holyrood Palace.
  • 1565 – 10th November, birth of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex
  • 1566 – 9th March, murder of David Rizzion, private secretary to Mary Queen of Scots, by Darnley in front of a pregnant Mary.
  • 1566 – 19th June, birth of James I of England (James VI of Scotland), son of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley.
  • 1567 – 10th February, murder of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley at Kirk o’ Field, Edinburgh.
  • 1567 – 12th April, James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, acquitted of Darnley’s murder.
  • 1567 – 24th April, Mary Queen of Scots visits her son at Stirling and is then abducted and allegedly raped by Bothwell.
  • 1567 – 15th May, marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and Bothwell at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
  • 1567 – 24th July, Mary Queen of Scots is forced to abdicate the throne of Scotland in favour of her baby son. Mary’s half brother, James Stuart, Earl of Moray, is appointed regent. Mary is imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle.
  • 1568 – 2nd May, Mary Queen of Scots escapes and flees to England where she is “voluntarily” imprisoned at Carlisle Castle .
  • 1568 – Start of the Revolt of the Netherlands (Dutch Revolt).
  • 1569 – The Rising of the North, also known as the Northern Rebellion or the Revolt of the Northern Earls – an attempt to depose Elizabeth I and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots.
  • 1569 – October, imprisonment of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, for plotting to marry Mary Queen of Scots.
  • 1570 – 11th January, assassination of James Stuart, Earl of Moray, at Linlithgow, by James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh, a supporter of Mary Queen of Scots.
  • 1570 – 25th February, Elizabeth I excommunicated by Pope Pius V.
  • 1570 – Discussions commenced to arrange the marriage of Elizabeth I and Henry, Duke of Anjou.
  • 1571 – 25th February, William Cecil made 1st Baron Burghley.
  • 1570/1571 – Ridolfi Plot
  • 1572 – 2nd June, execution of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk for treason.
  • 1572 – 24th August, St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France.
  • 1573 – Francis Walsingham made Principal Secretary.

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