Thomas Seymour Breaks into the King’s Residence

Thomas Seymour

On this day in history, 16th January 1549, Thomas Seymour allegedly broke into Edward VI’s residence at Hampton Court Palace. It is said that as he entered the King’s apartments, he disturbed the King’s beloved spaniel who then barked at him. Seymour shot the dog, a noise which alerted a guard who then confronted him and captured him. Seymour was arrested and taken to the Tower of London.

Thomas Seymour was accused of trying to kidnap the King and also plotting to marry Edward’s half-sister, Elizabeth, and put her on the throne. All in all, he was charged with 33 separate accounts of treason and when his brother, Edward Seymour, Protector Somerset, could not bring himself to sign his death warrant, his nephew, Edward VI, could.

Thomas Seymour was executed on the 20th March 1549 and you can read more about his downfall and execution in The Execution of Thomas Seymour.