Thomas Seymour

Name Thomas Seymour, Lord (Baron) Sudeley
Date of Birth c.1508
Who Were They Brother of Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, and also of Edward Seymour, Lord Protector of England between 1547 and 1549.
How were they linked to Elizabeth I Rumour of involvement.Thomas was married to Elizabeth’s stepmother Catherine Parr and Elizabeth’s governess Kat Ashley reported that Thomas would get into bed with the teenage Elizabeth tickle her and stroke her buttocks. It is also said that Catherine Parr held Elizabeth while Thomas cut her dress to pieces with a sword! Catherine Parr eventually sent Elizabeth away from her home.

It was also rumoured that Elizabeth bore Thomas’ child.

What happened to them? Thomas Seymour was executed on 20th March 1549 for treason. Elizabeth was questioned as it was alleged that Thomas was trying to seize the throne of Edward VI and replace him with Elizabeth.
Death Beheaded as a traitor at the age of around 41
Quotes Elizabeth was meant to have said “Today died a man with much wit and not much judgment” when she heard of his execution.David Starkey describes Thomas as “tall, well-built and with a dashing beard and auburn hair, he was irresistible to women”.

One of his peers at court, Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, described Thomas as “hardy, wise and liberal…fierce in courage, courtly in fashion, in personage stately, in voice magnificent, but somewhat empty of matter”.

Marriages and Children Married Catherine Parr after the death of her husband Henry VIII in 1547.

One daughter, Mary Seymour, by Catherine Parr who died following the birth. Mary disappears from records after the age of 2 so it is assumed that she died.

Books “The Life of Sir Thomas Seymour, Knight: Lord High Admiral of England and Master of the Ordnance” by John MacLean

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