3 thoughts on “Lord Darnley is Murdered – 10th February 1567

  1. I always feel sorry for Darnley, first he is murdered and then he get’s an awful press from historians! I feel no less pity for his putative killer Bothwell, though, chained to a post in a Danish gaol for years. A terrible fate. Meanwhile ex-wife Mary was complaining about the food at the Earl of Shrewsbury’s castle.

  2. Never cared much for Darnley, especially after his role in the murder of Rizzio (sp?) secretary to Mary, Q of S. Right in front of her, and she was pregnant?? What sort of husband does this? I hate to say it but I think he deserved his fate.

  3. Marry in haste, repent at leisure. Isn’t that how the proverb goes? Mary was headstrong and impulsive and ended up married and pregnant before realizing Darnley was a spoiled, vain, violent, murdering drunk. He not only murdered Rizzio, but he forced her to watch with a sword to her pregnant belly! He sounds a right monster.

    Only, she had no taste for the repenting at leisure part. I believe she was in collusion with his murderers up to her pretty eyes. And learned absolutely nothing by jumping immediately into marriage with the man believed to be the architect of Darnley’s murder, Bothwell.

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