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8 July 1553 – Mary Declares Herself Queen

| July 8, 2012

On Saturday 8th July 1553 at her home, Kenninghall in Norfolk, Mary Tudor declared herself Queen. She had been informed of her half-brother Edward VI’s death by goldsmith Robert Reyns the previous day, when she was staying with Lady Burgh at Euston Hall, near Thetford, and the news had been confirmed by Thomas Hughes, her […]

Thomas Seymour’s Execution – 20 March 1549

| March 20, 2011

On this day in history, the 20th March 1549, Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron of Sudeley and Lord High Admiral, husband of the late Dowager Queen Catherine Parr and brother of Queen Jane Seymour and Protector Somerset, was executed for treason after being charged with thirty-three counts of treason. He had been causing the King’s Council […]

Edward VI is Crowned King – 20 February 1547

| February 20, 2011

On the 20th February 1547, just under a month after the death of his father, Henry VIII, nine year old Edward was crowned King Edward VI. You can read more about the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, and half-brother of Mary I and Elizabeth I, in the following articles:- Edward VI: A Precocious […]

Happy Birthday Edward VI – Venus and Saturn in Conjunction

| October 12, 2010

Happy 473rd Birthday, Edward VI! Yes, on this day in 1537 Edward VI was born to Jane Seymour and Henry VIII. You can read more about his life at “Happy Birthday Edward VI, but read on for a special guest post by Robert Parry, author of “Virgin and the Crab”:- Venus and Saturn in Conjunction […]

The Execution of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland and Earl of Warwick

| August 22, 2010

On this day in history, the 22nd August 1553, John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland and Earl of Warwick, was executed after being found guilty of treason for his part in the plot which had seen Edward VI appoint Lady Jane Grey as his heir and deny his half sister Mary’s right to the succession. […]

The Execution of Thomas Seymour

| March 20, 2010

On this day in history, 20th March 1549, Thomas Seymour the 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, was beheaded after being found guilty of treason. Thomas Seymour was a very dissatisfied man. Although he was Lord High Admiral and had been the husband of Katherine Parr, the dowager queen, his brother Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of […]

Lady Jane Grey Facts

| February 12, 2010

On this day in history, the 12th February 1554, Elizabeth’s cousin (once removed) Lady Jane Grey was executed on Tower Green inside the Tower of London. She had been imprisoned since July 1553 when she had been deposed as Queen of England by Elizabeth’s sister, Mary I, and was finally executed as the result of […]

Second Letter to Edward VI

| August 31, 2009

Like as a shipman in stormy wether plukes downe the sailes tarijnge for bettar winde, so did I, most noble Kinge, in my vnfortunate chanche a thurday pluk downe the hie sailes of my ioy and comfort and do trust one day that as troblesome waues have repulsed me bakwarde, so a gentil winde wil […]

Letter to Edward VI

| August 31, 2009

Like as the rich man daily gathereth riches to riches, and one bag of money layeth a great sort till it come to infinite, so methinks your Majesty, not being sufficed with many benefits and gentleness showed to me afore this time, doth now increase them in asking and desiring where you may bid and […]

Mary I’s Legacy

| August 21, 2009

Elizabeth I was the third of Henry VIII’s children to reign over England, following in the footsteps of her step-siblings Edward VI and Mary I, and although she must have been ecstatic to receive what was rightly hers she must also have been incredibly apprehensive. Why? Because England was in a pretty bad way. The […]