30th November 1554 – The Return to Rome

On this day in history, 30th November 1554, both Houses of Parliament presented a petition to Mary I and her husband Philip to intercede with Cardinal Reginald Pole, the papal legate, for absolution for the years of separation from Rome and for reconciliation with Rome. Pole then absolved England and restored it to the Catholic fold, pronouncing:-

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, which with his precious blood has redeemed us, and purified all our sins and pollutions, in order to make himself a glorious bride without stains and without wrinkle, whom the Father made chief over the church, he through his mercy absolves you.”1

Of course, as David Loades2 points out, this was only the beginning of the process as the acts establishing the royal supremacy had to be repealed, but England was once again a Catholic country.

Also on this day in history – Birth of Philip Sidney, the poet, courtier and soldier, at Penshurst Place in Kent.

Notes and Sources

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